Monday, June 8, 2009

Identify Yourself

Hello Knitters!

Here are photos of all the squares in our two blankets. Check your collection to make sure you know what's what. Most of us have all twelve squares, except those waiting for a lavender sunflower field. Please note, your squares may vary in color and decoration from those pictured below.

Sheep Pasture (Yvonne & Janalee)

Barnyard (Marna & Pam)

Raised Beds (Toni & Michelle)

Flower Meadow (Denise & Allyssa)

Vegetable Garden (Leah & Nina)

Horse Pasture (Barbara & Shannon)

Pond (Shannon, Jim & Bazzi Family)

Plowed Earth (Kathleen & Trish)

Wheat Field (Katherine & Debbie)

Hayfield (Trish & Toni)

Oat Field (Patty)

Cornfield (Debbie)

River (Natalie)

Lavender Sunflower (Anette) This field is coming to us all the way from Germany in September. It's worth the wait!

Remember to RSVP for the Road Crew workshops in June. Happy Summer!

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